How to Make Your First Surf Lesson a Fun Loving Activity?

How to Make Your First Surf Lesson a Fun Loving Activity?

Are you ready for your first surfing lesson / experience? Have you planned everything for a relaxing holiday by the sea? If so, our list of quick tips will help you make your first surfing lesson more enjoyable.

Following these essential tips is not only important to relish your holiday but also to help you ease yourself before you start surfing lessons. These quick tips and tricks will be of great use for those who want to find themselves popping up on the board rather than wiping it out in the water.

Have a look at professional tips for improving your first surf lesson:

Dive in with a positive attitude:

It is a natural human tendency to get nervous and apprehensive while trying anything for the first time. Change your mindset; your body does not know the difference between nervousness and being excited. YOU’RE EXCITED: Say it “I’m Excited!” Next sing this tune: Head up, butt down, hands down.

Have faith in the process:

With surfing, you get an opportunity to enjoy the moment. So, make sure expecting that you will become an expert after your first lesson or never fall off the board is a faded expectation. Remember, everyone fails this will be part of your learning process. So get ready to wipe out all your frustrations and objections and focus on relishing each moment and FEEEEL IT!

Don’t underestimate the physical aspects of surfing? The good news is you get to pick your pace. Take your sweet time and learn how to use this beach toy in the water at your own pace. You’re doing this for fun, you’re not going pro anytime soon. Surfing may be a serious sport for some. Be honest and clear with yourself, it’s a recreational activity designed to be social and fun for everyone. You can have a great time in small waves as long as you like.

Practice the pop-up technique: 

The first thing you’re possibly going to learn in your surf lesson is how to stand up on surfboard. But if you are afraid of standing up on your surfboard directly, practice the pop-up technique on a yoga mat at home. For this, you have to draw a straight line and ensure your feet land in the center of that line. First discover upward facing dog, paddle (reach pull head and chest up) use your toes spring up and land your front foot turned right or left. Either way is the right way. Think of your core as a suction machine pulling your feet under your hips, stomach, thighs. Stay low, rise slow. There are two other techniques that may be easier. We will explore those another time.

Wear sunscreen and if water is cool or cold a wetsuit, a licensed, permitted provider should have wetsuit or at minimum be able to guide you. Beginners tend to use their knees for stability, a wetsuit will help protect your knees from rug burn rash.

If you are a beginner the best learning beaches are sandy bottom and have lifeguards on site and the instructors have city or state permits and insurance.  Only professional instructors not pro surfers have the expertise in dealing with first-time surfers and improving their surfing experience, sorry your neighbor is probably not a professional surfing instructor specializing in beginners.

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