How to surf? Surfing tips for beginners

How to surf? Surfing tips for beginners

Learning how to surf is not an easy task. It’s a professional sport and needs constant practice. The learning curve is slow, but the process is also fun. Even if you have experience of 10 years, you will challenge each time with the waves when you dive to surf in the ocean. Also, it is the only sport that you will manage to do in your 60s when you are getting old.

Unlike other sports, surfing is practiced in an unpredictable environment. It largely depends on the geography and climate. Also, you have to share your learning ground with everyone. There are few things that a beginner needs to focus on. Find the correct surf lessons near me for professional training.

Understanding the environment

Find a safe spot to learn to surf. Surfing can be dangerous. You need professional lessons before going surfing on your own. With the proper advice, you will be able to make the right decision when surrounded by water.

The risk of losing your board and ending up in the water is always lurking. Do not go in the water if you judge you won’t be able to swim back if the board is lost. Before going into the ocean, look at the waves and people around it. The current will tell you whether it is safe to go surfing or not.

Good Physical Shape

Surfing is a difficult sport that can help you build muscles, lose weight and burn calories quickly. Overall, it is a demanding sport that wants you to swim against the high wave each time to start surfing. This paddling develops a high level of endurance. With regular training, one would see a clear difference in their body type.

Learning how to paddle

Lay down in the middle of your surfboard and try to balance. It needs some practice to do this successfully. There are common mistakes that happen at this stage. The board might sink easily. With the professional lesson, you will be guided in the right way through the basics. It takes a little experimenting to distribute the weight equally on the board.

Learning how to pop up on a surfboard

Learning to stand up on the surfboard is what beginner needs to study. The pop-up position means going from the even lying state on theboard to standing on it while maintaining the balance. Do this slowly and learn the trick that works for you to stand successfully. Learn how to stand up on surfboard.

How to catch a wave?

If you are beginning out with surfing, aim for the smaller waves. Be mindful of being away from more massive waves as it is easy to lose balance. Stay closer to the shore as large waves can be dangerous. They require a certain level of experience. The easiest way to catch the wave is to lay down on the board, paddle your way to the place where waves are more diminutive. Keeping looking for the waves. You have to paddle your way fast to the right point when you find one.

Passing the Break

In case you see a big wave coming towards you, paddle faster to the wave and let all air out of your lungs and take one deep breath. The board must be perpendicular. In this way, the wave will pass. You will remain safe.

Surfing Etiquette

If you are new to surfing, you should know about the existence of surfing etiquette. These are the set of rules to observe while surfing like any sport. It should be kept in mind that surfing is a dangerous sport when being practiced in an open sea.

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