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Beach Bum's (Staff)


Name: Doug Jones

Nicknames: Dig N Dug, Coach, Pinks, Buttercup, DAD

Title: Owner, Instructor

School: SDSU Grad, BA Recreation Systems MGT, GO AZTECS

Philosophy: "Surf for fun and exercise" 

BIO: Dad of 3 awesome daughters who enjoy film, teaching, soccer and surfing. As a 5th Generation Californian and San Diego native I surf for fun and teaching you is a blast. I enjoy your smiles while providing you the ultimate surfing experience! Ask me about my waterpark story, or the day I hung up the snow ski's. My background includes 17 years as a senior YMCA director. 41 years of my life I have been coaching sports, managing sports leagues, operating Surf camps and Family camping programs. I look forward to meeting you, helping you catch a wave, then it's high fives all around. 

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Name: Gavin Warlaumont

Nickname: Warlo

School: SDSU, BA. Journalism. GO AZTECS!

Title: Master Instructor

Philosophy: "Learn the fundamentals and have fun doing it".

Bio: Dad of 2 Boys, enjoy school, basketball and surfing. My whole life has been about education, playing sports, coaching sports and Eco Friendly Landscaping. My coaching philosophy is "learn the fundamentals and have fun."  When I was 9 years old I was introduced to surfing. Since then, I have enjoyed traveling to Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, Fiji and Mexico to chase great surf. I love being part of this great group of beach bum surfing instructors and I am ready to share my knowledge of the basics, the fundamentals along with more advanced surfing skills. Everyone's surfing skills develop at their own pace and you will be shocked the first time you catch the face of a wave, drop in and make the turn. 


Name: Nolan Munos

Nickname: Turtle

Veteran: US Army 

Title: Master Instructor

Philosophy: "Everyday should be a fun day"

BIO: My whole life has been about baseball surfing and working, I grew up and lived in San Diego, Arizona and Colorado, The first time the surfing bug bit me I was 8 years old. I remember paddling out with my friends and family who gave some limited instructions. It was exciting and terrifying  I promise you the excitement not the terror. When living in states without an ocean (Arizona and Colorado) I was always looking for opportunities to visit San Diego. As a talented competitive baseball player surfing had to take a back seat for a while. On my return to San Diego, I picked up a board, paddled out caught lot's of waves and can't wait to pass on the fun of surfing to you, there's just nothing like it.