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My phone number is 951-303-1995. but calling is the worst method to communicate. Instead of calling use the form below and send it with your number, then text me "surfing Lessons contact us sent". Be patient, I try to be prompt but some days I am in the water 7am to 7pm with barely a moment to eat. Trust me, we want your business for two reasons: we like MONEY and FUN, this is fun work, we love doing it and we will be in contact as soon as we can.

I start checking emails at 4am daily. Same day bookings are challenging, if we can communicate and I have space, it can be done. Have your phone on and respond to text. Be committed, its a lot of work to get rock n rolling then have a no show or late arrival. Being late is not cool as it affects your class, my time and other people's time, the whole schedule etc etc etc... TEXT is good. This FORM is great, both text and form are fantastic.

Being on time is at least 15 mins before your class start time, plan for a parking nightmare. Sometimes it is a challenge to find a spot, be patient, drive the lot over and over, there are always people coming and going. Look for surfers taking off wetsuits and ask "are you done"? Please be respectful of other people's time. We want to get you suited up and into sand instructions so we can get in the water. Classes begin on time or early if everyone arrives and suits up.