Contact us

My phone number is 951-303-1995. but calling is the worst method to communicate. Instead use form below and send with your number, then text me "surfing Lessons contact us sent". Be patient, I try to be prompt but some days I am in the water 7am to 7pm with barely a moment to eat.

I start checking emails at 4am daily. Same day surfing bookings can be challenging, if we can communicate and I have space, it can be done. Have your phone on and respond to text. Be committed, its a lot of work to get rock n rolling then have a no show or late arrival. Being late is not cool as it affects your class, my time and other peoples time, the whole schedule etc etc etc...

Calling me and phone tag are a real drag on my time, it does not speed up process it will slow it down.

Being on time is 15 mins before your class time, please be respectful of other peoples time. Being late is showing up at class start time or later and may be considered same as no show or cancellation in which the no refund rule would apply.