Surfing Lessons for everyone!


For a fantastic experience send doug INFO

We have a variety of boards and wetsuits to bring to your Surfing Experience. Please, share a little about yourself and any others in your group. Your answers help me determine what boards and wetsuits may be best for you. 

  1. Surfers names / ages / Gender

  2. Approx Height and Weight

  3. T shirt size for wetsuits

  4. Are Surfers tourist or locals?

  5. Any special occasion, needs or FYI's for me?

Where do we meet?

At our Surf camp site between June 15 and Sept 2nd. 

At Pay parking lot 10 between sept 3rd and June 14th.

What time should I arrive?

Meet 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class at our beach camp near near lifeguard tower 10 at our surf camp with yellow tent with our logo.  Make sure to allow time for parking and walking to meet up spot.

 This logo is on our tent if this logo is not on Yellow tent you are in the wrong place.

Discount code and t-shirt Promotions

Special offer 25% off includes T shirts while supplies are in stock and booking is made direct online. We air drop all Pics and videos at the end of session. This is only possible if ipad is working and surfers are reasonably safe, comfortable and competent in the water alone. These added value items are not part of fees, fees are for surfing instructions, boards and wetsuits.


Do you have customer service?

YES, me, Doug. It is best to send me an email. Or you can text, If you need to hear my voice call me @ 951-303-1995. I rarely have my phone sound on as I am either driving to the beach, setting up, in the water or at the gym. I try to communicate periodically throughout the day and always try my best to call, text or email the same day prior to 7pm California time.

 What to bring?

Essentials: Towel, sunscreen, water AND a snug fitting swimsuit. This is usually not a problem for women. Men, should consider bike shorts, speedos or other tight fit. Baggy does not work with wetsuit. The Sand gets HOT so protect your feet, wear sandals, or shoes, or socks, Even in cooler overcast condition the sun is out. It's out when it's daylight. so put on sunscreen. There is no such thing as too much sunscreen.  (the sand gets hot!) 

 Where do we park? 

For 2020 (the year of covid 19): Best Parking for Dawn Patrol 7am or sunsetters after 3pm. Meet @ 1201 N Pacific st Oceanside ca. 92054. I have a 2015 RED TOYOTA TACOMA LIC 13595W1. This is a pay lot. Don't forget to pay at the big red sign that says PAY HERE and put ticket on your dash.

Free parking is an option Off Carmelo Street Oceanside Harbor Lot 4, 1200-1300 N Harbor Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054. Walk to 1201 N. Pacific St If your class is at 7:00am or after 3pm you have arrived. look for RED TOYOTA TRUCK Lic #13595W1. 

Wherever you park READ THE SIGNS and park in the space, do not hang out into fire lanes or park in spots for boat trailers or boat owners. Parking enforcement is serious business!

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Just a wetsuit if you desire a perfect fit. We have a bunch so it's not necessary. That being said we do not guarantee an exact fit.

Do I need a reservation?

YES!  right here. Book IT.  If we have bookings we are at the beach and may have room for a walk up, if we do not have bookings we are surfing somewhere else or taking care of family etc. So don't take a chance book now.


What’s your refund policy?

In the rare event of beach closure or unsafe conditions we will reschedule you to the next available class that meets your needs. If this is not possible, we will send a refund in accordance to statements below

  1. We cancel. On A RARE occasion due to a beach closure or unsafe conditions and cannot reschedule we will refund 100%
  2. Cancel 48 hours prior and we will send a 100% refund.
  3. YOU Cancel 24 hours or less NO REFUND.
  4. NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS. We do not refund payments for classes if you don't show up.
  5. Special offers and added value items like t shirts, pics and videos are not part of fees paid, they are considered value added items and have no $$$ value. The fees are for your fun surfing experience and use of our surfboards, wetsuits and instructors. In the event we cannot provide special offer items like t-shirts, video's or pictures there is no refund of any kind available.