3 jobs one Application

THREE FUN JOBS! Do one or all 3.

Become Part Of the BEACH BUM's Team! Bring the family to work and play at the same time.

1. Surfing Instructor 2. Promoters 3. Beach Host (party host) 

Only Social, Fun, Honest, Caring and Reliable HUMANS need apply! We are interested in Mom's, (we understand the power of the mommy, ladies, network) Dad's and students As well as anyone who works in hospitality, or public service and you. We are also interested in Social Media superstars.

Read summary descriptions below. obviously these are not complete job descriptions. Fill out form below upload cover letter, resume and give us short bio with pics. First Job app? it's ok do the best you can.  Hang out at our tent on the beach creating the buzz, engage walkup's, 

 Surfing Instructors:

Instructors MUST know how to surf and be able to demonstrate common sense, beach safety and surfing skills.  Our Instructors have the ability to teach fundamental skills to folks that have never been in the ocean as well as others with in depth experience. Instructors must relate well with others and be able to create a fun lesson plan and fantastic surfing experience. Instructors must be proactive and responsive to our customers needs and PUT SAFETY FIRST.

Social Media Influencers and General Promoters:

Our promo team is all about driving traffic to our web site and converting visitors into students, thus driving all the revenue so everyone can share a piece of the pie. If hired you will be given a discount code to promote and you will provide the customer with a 10% discount and you will earn 10% of each booking (after cost) that use the code. If you are motivated you can beat the beach, streets and Book people on your phone.

Party Host and planning:

Your job is to make the party fun and take care of the folks out of the water and manage the in water rotations.

Getting Paid

Philosophy, I hate the word commissions but in essence that is how we have to do it. Instructors assigned a class get a base + bump if they are the one that sold the class. Beach host are paid an hourly rate greater than minimum wage and share in tips. Promoters are paid based on bookings. If you can do all 3 you would create 3 sources of revenue.