Things you should know before taking your surfing lessons in San Diego

Surfing is not only a thrilling sport, but it also teaches us to apply surfing lessons in our day-to-day life. Every wave is different and so, the life situations are. No matter we are riding on waves or, in our actual life, we need to keep calm and patiently respond to the challenges. If you are enthusiastic about surfing on the waves then you can search for the best surf instructors near me over the internet. So, enjoy surfing lessons near me and have the fun of riding on the big waves.

Things you should know before your first surfing lesson

Rome was not built in a day, similarly, all the surf instructors near me, do not excel in a single day. If you are searching for surfing lessons near me then before you take surfing lessons, you should keep in mind the following things before joining the surf instructors near me.

Nature always has the final say

The first thing before you learn how to pop up surfing lessons, you should acknowledge the power of the oceans. The mightiest waves can hit you vigorously leaving you with nothing. Playing with the waves is the riskiest sport. You should be humble and patient in front of the powerful waves. Surfing seems so cool and carefree superficially, but it is also the most challenging task indeed. While you go for learn how to pop up surfing lessons, you will learn that no two waves are the same similar to the challenges you face in your life. You need to tackle each wave with a different strategy. Most important of all, you should reckon with the power of the waves and respect it.

Know how to swim before taking surfing lessons

Before you go ahead to look for surfing lessons near me, you should know about swimming. Because if you know swimming, you will not get afraid of water. Also, swimming is very important for you if you get caught in a current. Here, swimming can help you in getting out of them and saving your life. Further, if your leash comes off, then swimming can be your biggest savior to get to the board. So before you begin with surfing, you should know swimming to save yourself.

Choose the right wetsuit and board of your size before your surfing lessons

Another important thing that you can not miss is the right board and wet suit for you. The correct width, length, and weight of the board will help you learn to swim faster. For instance, if your surfboard is very small or light according to your weight, then it will not keep you afloat. The style of your surfboard is equally crucial. You may find the shortboard to look cool. Shortboards do look cool but are for advanced-level surfers for whom standing on the waves is a child’s play. If you are a beginner, you should go for longboards made out of epoxy, foam, or plastic material and preferably 8 feet long. Shortboard is usually less buoyant and requires skill and expertise to balance on them. If you try your first lesson with a shortboard, you will get discouraged. Wait for the time when you can surf in your sleep, and then you can also go for those cool shortboards.

Choose the right wet suit for you before giving your first try on surfing. Go for the appropriate thickness of the wetsuit according to the temperature of the water. Your wet suit should be of proper fit to your body so that water can not enter it. Also, if you want to stay for a long time in frozen water, then wear booties, gloves, and a hood.

Don’t miss to wax your board

The next thing you should take care of is prospering waxing your surfboard. It is mentioned on the packets which wax type is suitable for which temperature. If you run cold wax in warm water, it will get melted. You should layer up the wax on your hands and on places where your feet will be to get extra stability during your pop-ups.

Warms ups

Before you go for your first surfing lesson, you should practice some stretches and exercises of the hips and shoulders to stay active during your session. Also, hydrate your body well because you need to spend long hours surfing in the scorching sun. And do not forget to apply sunscreen to avoid a nasty sunburn.

Choose the right spot and right time for your surfing lesson

Pointbreak, a reef break or, a beach break are the best locations for surfing. If you are a beginner, you should always choose a point break as your spot as here the waves are more swift and gentle.


Surfing is both fun and an adventure. Taking surfing lessons will surely make you excel in surfing and live your dream. There are a lot of things you should consider before going for your surfing lessons. Besides being the place to play with waves, Oceans can also be the most dangerous place. Do your proper research about the best instructors around you so that you can enjoy your surfing experience better.

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