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We teach the basics, the fundamentals of surfing. We are open to everyone ages 6 – 100 who have reasonably competent swimming skills:

  1. Must be able to hold breath while underwater.
  2. Able to stay calm
  3. Able to Listen
  4. Able to follow instructions and respond
  5. Able to smile and Have fun.

Most of the time you will be standing or paddling in waist or shoulder deep water and we will be coaching you on turning, paddling and timing  so you can get to your feet on your board and ride a wave.

The south end of the beach at Oceanside Harbor is well known as one of the best places in Oceanside/ San Diego California area to learn to surf. Take advantage of this amazing ocean playground and experience the joy of riding waves (even if you’re new to the ocean)! We think it’s better than any water park NO LONG LINES, just ride and do it again.

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