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Lcensed, permitted and insured

San Diego Surf is licensed and permitted to operate as a small group surfing class, surf camp, school in Oceanside near tower 10. A place we call Magic beach because you become a surfer on our magic beach. Oceanside Harbor beach is a user-friendly lifeguarded sandy bottom beach designed by Mother Nature to give you the best surfing lesson experience.


Everybody 7-70 is invited to enjoy this fabulous surfing experience. We teach the basics, the fundamentals, from the paddle and pop to the drop and ride. We love when you experience the joy and feeling of surfing. We start with fundamentals and safety plus some pictures in the sand, Next we take you out into the water where you will learn what we mean when we say “paddle or die.” Go go go, youre up!

Listen, Try & Try Again!

Our instructions are simple: “Paddle Paddle Paddle, Glide and Feel, Pop Low, Rise Slow, head up butt down hands on board”  As easy to understand as possible but we recognize understanding and implementing are two different things. So we specialize in a lesson plan that reinforces these practices through repetition and fun like playing Simon Says “body follows butt” and signing a little song so the rythem get’s stuck in your head.

On top of it all San Diego Surf will capture videos and pictures before, during (if your safe and competent) after you surf for your memories of the most fun EVER! 

Rule ONE: for surfing lesson success You have got to feeeeeeel it!