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BOOK Your San Diego Surfing Experience

Get the attention you deserve in small classes of 6 or less surfers. We take singles, couples and multiples in every booking slot but cut it off when 6 people are in the class. We specialize in first time surfing experiences and beyond for locals and tourists. San Diego Surf is licensed and permitted to operate as a surf camp/school in Oceanside near tower 10. Oceanside Harbor beach is a user-friendly lifeguarded sandy bottom beach designed by Mother Nature to give you the best surfing experience. Everybody 7-70 is invited to enjoy this fabulous surfing experience. We teach the basics, the fundamentals, the joy and feeling of surfing. You will learn what we mean when we say “paddle or die” (just kidding). We will say Paddle Paddle Paddle, Glide and Feel, Pop Low, Rise Slow. We will play Simon Says “body follows butt” and get videos and pictures for your memories of the most fun EVER!