FAQ’s + SHHH Secrets!

Say Yes to San Diego Surf

We Surf at 3 spots. Lifeguard Towers 2,10 or 12. Mostly lifeguard tower 10. Where we Surf depends on time of year and conditions. We will meet at Oceanside Harbor Beach lifeguard tower 10 or Parking lots 10 or at The Pier near lifeguard tower 2 parking lot 28 /29. Make sure I have your phone number. You will be sent information by text with address of best parking lot or how to find our camp site (tower 10 summer) Or my red Toyota Tacoma. If you are meeting at Tower 10. Best parking is LOT 20. Walk across the street to sand and turn right at the water. Or turn right at the Condos gate with Coastal access sign on it. There are restrooms and showers on the sand here. If you are meeting at Parking lot 10 park there or lot 7 or the free lot and walk. If you see odd numbers on lifeguard towers you are south of the pier. we are always North of Oceanside pier. If you see Odd and even numbers together,  your in the wrong city. TEXT for help 760-590-9750 FYI Google does not know where MY MAGIC BEACH IS. try the link instead of Google.


5 mins prior to class start time. Please make sure you give yourself 15 to 30 minutes to find parking and to find our camp or my truck. Especially during peak season and holidays. Being on time is critical as we have classes going back to back at times and being late will throw off the whole schedule. We like to be on “Beach Time” but do our best to respect your time. Suiting up, sand and safety talk, in water learning, pics and videos are all part of class time.

We take a picture or two prior to your in water adventure and a pic or two and a video review of your experience after your in water surfing lesson experience. In water Pictures and videos are only possible if our surfers are reasonably safe, comfortable and competent in the water alone. We air drop all Pics and Videos at the end of session. The good the bad and the ugh’s. These added value items are not part of fees, in the unlikely event we cannot get pics with ipad there will not be a refund of any kind. WE AIRDROP after class to those who have an iPhone (bring your phone). For androids like me I will send you a link.

Every unique experience deserves a T-shirt. Therefore t-shirts are available to purchase here on our website when you book. Sometimes as a promotional item we throw in one T shirts for free while supplies are in stock. Most of the time we want to make more $$$. You can dig that right? If you want a shirt I have a few smaller sizes in 100% cotton left for 15.00. Text me name and date you are surfing and YL or YS I will bring to the beach my number is 760-590-9750.  We are moving up in quality to the dry fit type of light weight shirts and we have a wide selection or Royal and Navy blue with logo on front and back. $32.00. You can order here when you make your booking, I will bring to the beach. If you don’t like the shirt I will keep it and your money. Just kidding of course I will refund the $.

Send me an email.

Call me or text (best) 760-590-9750

Essentials= Nothing, we got everything, well except: Towel, Sunscreen, Water  and snug fitting swimsuit.

Wherever you park READ THE SIGNS Pay the $$$ for 3 hrs + (don’t park in 2 hr free parking spaces. Park proper put your tag on dash properly be in the parking space, do not hang out into fire lanes or park in spots for boat trailers or boat owners. Parking enforcement is serious business!

We will text you the best option depending on our meet location. Locations are very close, our exact spot depends on tides and season’s.

Always stay cool calm and collected when finding parking, pay special attention to walkers. bikers, skaters, kids, mommies, dads and kooks. Stress is not cool, just give yourself extra extra time. Parking lots do fill but if you circle and circle the lot someone will leave. Its A first to spot game of luck so you may get snaked but that’s ok if you gave extra extra time all is going to be fine, breath in blue and out pink.

Use this link for all parking options, our location is walking distance from any of these spots. Some are short walks others are much much longer. Use your phone, put in address and roll. Lifeguard towers run in numerical order from pier. On south side or left if facing ocean the numbers are odd. On North side or right numbers go up and are even. our lessons are always done at towers 10 or 12. well so far anyway.


Just a wetsuit if you desire a perfect fit. We have a bunch so it’s not necessary. That being said we do not guarantee a perfect fit. We bring the wetsuits that are reserved by customers on that day. You may get a wetsuit that has not been worn on that day or one that has. Same rule applies if you don’t want to share rent a wet suit from a local shop. You can Buy inexpensive wetsuits on:





YES! and yes. If we have bookings we are at the beach and may have room for more in this case we will take a walk up. If we do not have bookings we are surfing somewhere else or taking care of family etc. So don’t take a chance book now. Try my contact form then sending a text and see if we can accommodate you. 951-303-1995.

This policy applies to everyone that purchases surfing lessons direct or from 3rd party. In the rare event of beach closure or unsafe conditions we will reschedule you to the next available class that meets your needs. If this is not possible, we will send a refund in accordance to statements below. We will cancel class if participants are not following our instructions of safe practices in the water or on the sand. We will not knowingly provide classes for anyone who is intoxicated. 

  1. We cancel. On A RARE occasion due to a beach closure or unsafe conditions and cannot reschedule we will refund 100%
  2. YOU Cancel 48 hours prior and we will send a 100% refund.
  3. YOU Cancel 24 hours or less NO REFUND.
  4. NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS. We do not refund payments for classes if you don’t show up. NO REFUNDS For intoxicated students OR Students that must be put on beach because they cannot practice safe surfing as instructed.
  5. Special offers and added value items like t shirts, pics and videos are not part of fees paid, they are considered value added items and have no $$$ value. The fees are for your fun surfing experience and use of our surfboards, wetsuits and instructors. In the event we cannot provide special offer items like t-shirts, video’s or pictures there is no refund of any kind available.

We do not surf in the rain or storm conditions or when there is a high surf advisory that is not safe for you or our staff. Sometimes a high surf is ok but rain and storms are never ok. We are required to watch the 72 hour policy of health department after rain. If the health department puts this advisory out for our surf break, beach we cannot provide classes for 72 hours. If we cannot reschedule you, a full refund will be given.

Tipping over while surfing is going to happen. We also hope that you have a 5 star experience and are so STOKED you drop some cash in the cooler. We call it feeding the dragon. No reason just because its fun. Fun is what we do. So smile big tip over big and feed the dragon big. Cold cash is fun but so is Venmo transfers between friends. @dkjones1995. hint: Most people tip about 50.00 per person in their group. All tips are welcomed of course, but only if you had fun.

Its a secret so you have to text Doug at 760-590-9750. I need to know how many surfers you have in your group. This discount does not work if you bought a 3rd party voucher or already booked.  My codes are only good for those customers who are booking direct and happened to see this and read it!