35% discount! Surfing Lessons

Sandiegosurf.com is offering a Christmas 2020 discount. The code is SDS35%OFF If you are visiting San Diego or looking for some family fun or need a gift card, we got you covered. Book an experience that will have you talking about the challenge and the fun for the rest of your life. A surfing lesson is the right answer to get into the San Diego groove. You will love the rush, your kids will enjoy it and food will taste better after you surf. Here is the secret scoop: Book direct on sandiegosurf.com use discount code SDS35%off and get a free t-shirt while supplies last, in addition to your discount. (conditions apply). We teach the basics, the fundamentals of surfing. You paddle hard, glide and feel, pop up, now your surfing! Smile big and put two thumbs up because we are going to get some pics. its all part of the free added value special attention you get when you book at sandiegosurf.com. Got questions need more info text doug 951-303-1995. Check out this group of educators who chose to have fun with a surfing experience.

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