Beach Celebrations

Birthday parties, grad parties, anniversary parties, and date nights at the beach are unforgettable. Playing around with the waves at the beautiful Oceanside harbor beach will make every celebration special. We offer unforgettable surfing experiences that are suitable for everyone – children to adults alike, for all types of celebrations. With a small student to instructor numbers, a celebration with the waves is a fantastic option.

We can tailor your special day specifically to your needs in terms of numbers of persons, how long they would surf, and the number of instructors you would want. It is not only for children, but anyone and everyone can contact us to celebrate any occasion on the beach with San Diego Surf. Come and experience with excitement and stroke of surfing with San Diego Surf. We will be a part of your celebration and bring a tasty cake with our logo for the surfers celebrating, and we sing loud and proud if it’s your birthday. Book now to create an unforgettable experience that you can talk about for the years to come.

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