Group Surfing Lession



If you have ever imagined yourself surfing, tried on your own, or you’re just looking for something to do. The solution is San Diego Surf. Some people rent a board but not an instructor. Then they fail repeatedly and become frustrated. If this is you, you are not alone, my friend. Simply put, there are too many little things that add up to the three big things you desire:


Try a complete approach to achieving your surfing dream and gain success in this super challenging FUN activity that SoCal locals and visitors absolutely must do. When you Book a surfing lesson with teachers that actually know all those little things. Three things will happen:

  • Frustration will decrease
  • Enjoyment, fun, smiles will increase
  • You will Ride more waves

Bring friends and make new surfing friends. We love groups because it’s more fun, but even if you’re the only one to book, we are still going surfing and we are still going to have fun. We max out at six surfers in a class, so you get the attention you deserve. Learn how to position yourself, paddling, safety etiquette, 3 techniques to stand up, fail, fail and fall, and then boom you’re surfing. Two thumbs up and your beautiful smile makes great pics and videos to cherish as vacation or staycation memories that will always put a smile on your face. SCREENSAVER!

You can book here 24/7! San Diego Surf provides classes seven days a week at Oceanside Harbor Beach as long as conditions are favorable. Classes include a safety talk, instructions for success, and time in the water. From suit up to suit out the whole process is 2-3 hours. If your vacation or staycation dates are set, then reserve your board & instructor. Let’s get some waves now (book now) as we offer a limited number of spots, classes do fill up. Questions may be addressed in the FAQ. Use the contact us form, then drop us a text, it’s the best way to communicate since we are always surfing, teaching, or driving.